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8. Typical mornings                                           

What do you do after you get up?
Do you have a shower?

Do you usually make your bed?

What do you have for breakfast?
Are you hungry in the morning?

Do you eat alone?
Do you like eating alone?

What time do you go to work?
Are you in a hurry in the morning?

Are you a morning or a night person?
Do you like mornings?

9. Typical Sunday                                                 

It’s Sunday

What time do you get up?

Do you have breakfast?
What do you usually do after breakfast?

What clothes do you usually wear?

What is your favourite Sunday lunch?
What do you do after lunch?

Do you watch TV?
What do you do in the evening?

Do you do sport or exercise? What do you do?

Do you listen to music? What music?

Do you watch TV? What programmes do you watch?

Do you go out on Friday or Saturday night? What do you do?
Do you go shopping? Where do you go shopping?

Do you walk or do sport?

Do you go to the beach or mountains?

Do you read a Sunday newspaper?

Where do you usually have lunch on Sunday?

How do you relax on Sunday evening?

What time do you go to bed on Sunday night?

10. Can

Can you smoke in your cafes and restaurants?

Can you pay by credit card in your shops?

Can you drive in the city center?

Can you take photos in the museums?

Can you go shopping on Sundays?

Can you park in the streets without paying?

At work
Can you send personal emails?

Can you have a coffee break when you want?

Can you use the internet?
Can you go home for lunch?

11. In a café shop                               

Hello, can I help you?

Would you like espresso, Americano or cappuccino?

Would you like something sweet?

Is it for here or to go?

That’s 6 dollars 90


12. Was/Were

Who was Newton?
Who was Janna de Ark?
Who was Shakespeare?

Who was Johann Sebastian Bach?
Who were brothers Grimm?
Who were Dolce and Gabbana?

Who was George Washington?

Who were the Beatles?
Who was Diana?

Where were you this morning?
Where were you at 10 pm yesterday?
Where were you last weekend?

Where were you on Friday?

13. Yesterday

What time did you get up yesterday?

What time did you have breakfast?

What did you have?

Did you go to work?
Where did you have lunch?
What did you have for lunch?

Did you go to the gym?

Did you go shopping?

Did you have dinner at home?

What did you have?
Did you watch TV?

What did you watch?
Did you go to bed late?

Was it a good day?

14. Be going to                                

What are you going to do in the evening today?

What are you going to do tomorrow morning?
What time are you going to bed tonight?

Are you going to get up late tomorrow morning? Why?

Where are you going to have lunch tomorrow?

Are you going somewhere at the weekend?

Are you going out on Saturday evening?

Are you going shopping tomorrow?

Who are you going to call today?



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