Have you ever been to Paris?                                  
Would you like to go there one day? Why?

Предлагаем Вам посмотреть видео ББС "Париж" 1-ую часть и потренироваться в прослушанном. 

Exercise 1 Answer the questions
  1. What does Ashley (Stephen) want to do in Paris?
  2. How did they travel to Paris?
  3. Why didn’t they eat on the train?
  4. What did Ashley want to do first?
  5. Who helped her find a taxi?
  6. What did they eat at the restaurant?
  7. Who ordered food?
  8. Did Ashley like the food?

Exercise 2
Find three things Ashley and Stephen do.

  • Stephen and Ashley take a train to Paris
  • They have a sandwich on the train
  • On the train Stephen practiced his French
  • They take the metro to the center of Paris
  • They do some sightseeing
  • They have a rest at the hotel.

Exercise 3
Translate this extract and learn the new words and phrases.
- Правильно. Сколько времени требуется? Где-то два с половиной часа. Поэтому, мы будем в Париже как раз во время на обед.

- Мы можем что-то поесть в поезде.

- Нет, давай подождем, пока мы доберемся до Парижа. Французская еда фантастическая. Я хочу поесть в французском кафе. Я не хочу есть бутерброд в поезде, когда я могу съесть прекрасную французскую еду. 

 Here is the correct translation from the video

Right. So how long does it take? About two and a half hours? So we will be in Paris just in time for dinner.

We can get something to eat on the train.

No, let’s wait until we get to Paris. French food is fantastic. I want to eat in a French café. I don’t want to eat a train sandwich when I could eat a lovely French meal.

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