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Данное видео относится к теме суд, наказание и вынесение приговора. Вы сможете потренироваться в навыках аудирования, пополнить свой вокабуляр по данной теме, ответить на вопросы и рассуждать на некоторые актуальные вопросы о судьях и юридической системе.

В первую очередь ознакомьтесь с данными новыми словами и выражениями.

  • flat-out lie – открытая, полная ложь
  • proof – доказательство
  • bury evidence – сокрывать, закапывать доказательства
  • handle - разобраться
  • smear my name – пятнать мое имя
  • Morse code – азбука Морзе
  • prove - доказывать
  • Be in receipt of – получать
  • help me out – выбраться
  • state attorney’s office and the PD – офис окружного прокурора и полицейский департамент
  • play facts – подтасовывать факты
  • to submit new evidence – предоставлять новые доказательства
  • to receive a statement – получить заявление
  • be a victim of entrapment – быть жертвой ловушки
  • to work within the confines of the law – работать в рамках закона
  • criminal - преступник
  • We move that we be allowed to retry this, Your Honor – мы ходатайствуем о разрешении пересмотреть дело, Ваша Честь
  • immediate dismissal – немедленное освобождение
  • a matter of a cover-up of the original investigation – дело в замалчивании изначального расследования
  • do nothing of the kind – не совершать ничего подобного
  • to hold in contempt – задержать за неуважение
  • accept smb’s apologies on behalf of smb – принять извинения от лица кого-то
  • to suffer egregious and overzealous prosecution – страдать из-за вопиющего и чрезмерного обвинения
  • to make up for smth –компенсировать что-то
  • This case is dismissed with prejudice – дело прекращено без права на повторное обращение

Now you can watch the video. 

Exercise 1. Answer the questions

  1. What was a flat-out lie?
  2. Which proofs did the lawyer have?
  3. Who buried evidences, according to the lawyer’s words?
  4. Who wanted to handle this?
  5. Why was the Detective’s name smeared?
  6. What did the judge call Morse code?
  7. What did the document in judge’s hands prove?
  8. What did the judge say about the state attorney’s office and the Chicago PD?
  9. Which new evidence did Geneva want to submit?
  10. What did the state attorney’s office move to?
  11. What did the lawyer move to?
  12. What reasons did the lawyer give?
  13. What did the judge threaten the detective with if he didn’t keep quiet?
  14. What did the suspect suffer according to the judge’s words?
  15. What was the outcome of this trial?
  16. What was Cary’s (the suspect) and others' reaction?

Exercise 2. Find out who in the history of mankind:

used to tell flat-out lies, buried evidences and played facts, suffered egregious and overzealous prosecution, was a victim of entrapment, has always worked within the confines of the law.

Find some more information about these people and be ready to speak about them

Here is the tapescript of this episode

That’s a flat-out lie
We have proof, Your Honor, that Detective Prima buried evidence.

Not once have I buried evidence.

Let me handle this

This is ridiculous. How can she just go and smear my name like that?
Is this Morse code?
What am I looking at here?
It’s a metadata report taken from detective Prima’s computer proving that he was in receipt of information from the Canadian police.

Geneva, you got to help me out of here. You know this isn’t true.
Yes, Geneva. Help us out here. Because from where I sit, it looks like the state attorney’s office and the Chicago PD are playing facts and loose with the facts.

The state has new evidence to submit.

Uh, Your Honor.
I just received a statement from Detective Rodriguez. Mr. Agos may have been a victim of entrapment.

Ok, everybody bring your evidence up here. Now. Sit down Ms Pine now. If your office spends this much time working within the confines of the law, the streets would be free of criminals.

We move that we be allowed to retry this, Your Honor.
Excuse me but we move for immediate dismissal, Your Honor. This is not just a matter of a cover-up of the original investigation, but the police detective who received that e-mail lied to the court.

I did nothing of the kind.
Sit down sir and stop your lying.
I did nothing wrong.

This shows you did something. Now sit down, or I’ll hold you in contempt. Okay, here’s how we’re doing this. Mr. Agos, please accept my apologies on behalf of this court for the egregious and overzealous prosecution you’ve suffered. I know these words don’t make up for the last six months of your life.. no words ever can..but they are all I have. And so I’ll use them now. This case is dismissed with prejudice.
Your Honor
No, leave the poor guy alone. You are free to go, Mr. Agos. With our apologies.

Exercise 3. Discuss the questions

  • Judging by the Detective Prima’s behavior was he telling the truth that he is innocent?
  • Characterize the judge, find the adjectives describing him and give your proof. Does his behaviour coincide with your image of an ideal judge?
  • Is the juridical system shown in this video just and honest?
  • How did the suspect feel during this trial and when he is announced not guilty?




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