В данном уроке предлагаем Вам посмотреть интересное видео ББС по теме "Еда" 1 часть и попрактиковаться в некоторых предложенных упражнениях.      

1. Answer the questions
What do you do to celebrate your birthday?
Do you enjoy eating unusual foods?
Do you like to cook?

2. Watch the video itself 

3. Answer the questions about the video
Where are they?
Why are they there?
What did Stephen agree to do for Ashlie?
Who got some ideas for the meal that day?
What did Stephen want to cook?

4. Translate the Russian words.(you can watch this part again first - 1:33)

Ashlie: This looks невероятно. Is this what you’re planning to cook tonight, Stephen?
Stephen: Let’s go inside and попробуем a few things.
Ashlie: Hmmm. Не могу дождаться to try some of these amazing dishes.
Stephen: Come on. Let’s see if it tastes так же хорошо, как и выглядит.

5. Watch this part again (2:00) and say with the words what you are asked to do.
Waitress: Yes. Welcome to the Golden Harvest. Can I help you?
Ashlie: Praise everything and the food.
Waiter: Thank you.
Stephen: Ask for a favour and some help.
Waiter: Yes, sure.
Stephen: Explain the situation and ask your request
Waiter: Do you want to meet the chef?
Stephen: Explain why you wanted to see the chef.
Waiter: Ah, yes, sure. He’s very busy but let me see if he’s got the time to talk to you.
Stephen: Thank the waiter.
You can watch this part again and check yourself.

6. In this exercise you are going to revise the reported speech.
tephen: Hello, thank you for seeing me.
Stephen thanked the chef for….
Chef: How you do, Sir, thank you.
The chef asked...
Stephen: I was wondering if you could give me a few quick tips on how to cook Chinese food.
Stephen asked if..
Chef: Yeah, to cook Chinese food, one, you must have a very good chef.
Chef said
Stephen: The chef is very important. And number two?
Stephen repeated that … and asked about
Chef: And number two, the food must be fresh.
The chef answered that
Stephen: And what are we going to cook today?
Stephen inquired what
Chef: Today we’ll cook Kung fu lobster.
The chef said

Possible correct answers

Stephen thanked the chef for seeing him.
The chef asked Stephen how he was.
Stephen was wondering if the chef could give him a few quick tips on how to cook Chinese food.
Stephen repeated that the chef was very important and asked about number two.
The chef answered that the food had to be fresh.
Stephen inquired what they were going to cook that day.
The chef said that that day they’ll cook Kung fu lobster.

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