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Для начала ответим на вопросы.

Do you like surprises?
What is the best surprise you have ever had?
Have you ever had a bad experience when cooking? What happened?
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Put these events in the correct order.

  • Stephen gets food delievered from the restaurant
  • Stephen buys a cake
  • Stephen is running late
  • The home cooked meal is not good
  • Ashlie goes to the hairdresser’s
  • Stephen surprises Ashlie with a birthday cake

Now answer the questions                                               

What kind of cake did Stephen buy for Ashlie?
Why is Stephen disappointed with his cooking?
What backup plan did Stephen have?
Why doesn’t Stephen want Ashlie to go to the kitchen?
Why doesn’t Ashlie believe Stephen made the cake?
Did Ashlie like the dinner?

Put these lines in the correct order

1. Woman: How are you, sir? How can I help you?

Stephen: Can I write a message on it?
Stephen: Thank you very much indeed.
Woman: Yes, of course we do. We have a selection in here. If you’d like to choose one?
Woman: It’s a chocolate mousse.
Woman: Yes of course. I’ll just get the chef for you.
Stephen: I like the look of that one. What kind is that?
Stephen: I’m looking for a cake for my sister’s birthday. Do you have any birthday cakes?

Who said it and why                                                 

Haven’t I seen this somewhere before, though?
’ll just get the chef for you.
I’m running a bit late. So I’d better hurry!
This is a disaster! I'm glad I've got a back up plan.
It seems to have a label saying, ‘Hand-made in London'.

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