It was Christmas Eve. And everyone in the Thomas’s family was dreaming sweet dreams. Nicky and Debbie were dreaming about what Santa would bring them. Mr. Thomas was dreaming of a new bat. Mrs. Thomas was dreaming of something else. Finally of course we have Mog. Mog was not dreaming sweet dreams. Mog was having a nightmare.

 - Follow that cat.

As the neighbours gathered, the fireman told everyone how Mog had saved the day.

 - He deserves a medal

 - I think, he’d rather have an egg.

But there was no egg for Mog. There was no Christmas at all. At least that’s what they thought. But everyone else thought that if the Thomases and Mog can’t have a Christmas they can share ours. So that’s exactly what they all did.

 - There you go Mog.


  1. Translate the text.

Use the words

To dream (of smth) – видеть сон, мечтать

Bat -  бита (в крикете)

to have a nightmare - видеть кошмар

To deserve (smth) – заслуживать

Share – делиться

There you go – вот тебе, это тебе

  1. Learn the new words, make up your own sentences with them, find the situations they are used in the text.

  1. Answer the questions

  1. Was it a holiday?
  2. What dreams was everyone dreaming in Thomas’s family.
  3. What were the children dreaming of?
  4. What was Mr. Thomas dreaming of?
  5. What was Mrs. Thomas dreaming of?
  6. Was Mog dreaming sweet dreams?
  7. How had Mog saved the day?
  8. What did the neighbours did for the Thomases family?
  1. Find Past Continuous Tense (at least 3 examples).
    Say what the neighbours were dreaming of that night.

  2.   Mr. Mason was dreaming of…

            Mrs. Mason …

            Nick and Wilson ..

            Mr. Jason ..

            Mrs. Jason…

            Marisa and Laura …

  1. Retell the story.


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